St. Paul VI High Priest 1963-1978


Christ is our only mediator,
How much we need you!
To live in communion with God our Father,
To be with you.
You are his only begotten Son
և our Lord, and we are his adopted sons,
we need you to be reborn in the Holy Ghost.

We need you,
Our only teacher of hidden truths,
Which are necessary for life?
We need you,
To know the purpose of our existence և the end
And the way to do that.

We need you, our Savior,
To discover our misery ենք to cure it,
To distinguish the good և
Bad ideas ենք Strive for holiness.
Let us mourn our sins: receive forgiveness.

We need you,
The first human race,
To find the real reasons
Brotherhood between mankind,
The foundations of justice, the treasures of brotherhood
And the highest good of peace.

We need you,
Our Merciful Compassionate Pain
To know the meaning of suffering, to give it the value of atonement and salvation.

We need you, Victorious Death,
To free us from despair և breaking.
And let us have the assurance that we are not betrayed to the end.

We need you, O Christ, O Lord, O God,
To learn true love, let us walk in joy and in the power of your love
On the road to our tiring lives,
Until the final meeting with you.
Expected, beloved և blessed, forever and ever.